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By Captain-Captain

Strix are females who often are wizards or mages who acquired vampiric abilities as part of a pact with some power usually (but not exclusively) an evil one. At the GM's discretion the level of magery given in the pact can take the total magery level of the character ABOVE the normal maximum the campaign has. They're supposed to be used as villains and this is an edge for them.

Strix Template - -17 points

Attribute Modifiers: ST-8 [-80]; DX+4 [80]; IQ-7 [-140]; HT+1 [10].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: HP+1 [2], Per+2 [10].
Advantages: Accute Vision +2 [4]; Alternate Form (Human) 15; Sharp Beak [5]; Sharp Claws [5]; Enhanced Move 1/2 (Air) (1) [10]; Flight (Winged) [30]; HP +1 [2]; Vampiric Bite [30].

Human Form - 44 points

Advantages: Alternate Form Strix Raven [30]; Magery 1 Pact (-10% Further the cause of the Darkness) [14].


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