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By jhubertjhubert

These are thri-kreen as they exist on Athas, the setting of Dark Sun. For a complete description see the original publications.

101 points.

Attribute Modifiers: DX +2 [40]; IQ -1 [-20].
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move +1 [5]; Basic Speed +0.5 [10]; Per +2 [10].
Advantages: Affliction 1 (Paralytic Venom: HT; Follow-Up, Teeth or Striker, +0%; Paralysis, +150%) [25]; Damage Resistance 4 (can't wear armor, -40%) [12]; Doesn't Sleep [20]; Extra Arms 2 [20]; Fangs [2]; Sharp Claws [5]; Super Jump 2 [20]; Vibration Sense (air) [10].
Disadvantages: Low TL -2 [-10]; Odious Racial Habit (eats other sapients) [-15]; Short Lifespan 1 [-10]; Sense of Duty (Clutch) [-5]; Vow (only own what they can carry, no concept of money) [-15].
Quirks: Consider elves delicious; see everything in terms of "the Hunt"; test those they interact with to see if they are "worthy".
Features: Cannot jump backwards; cannot learn arcane magic.

The Fangs represent mandibles.
After being bitten, the victim must make a HT roll. Failure means he’s paralyzed for one minute times his margin of failure.
Thri-kreen may buy up to three levels of Extra Attack for their arms, even in non-cinematic games.
The racial memory can be used to justify knowledge of skills at a very early age, which means that most thri-kreen should probably know skills typical for desert nomads and hunters. This is distinct from the Racial Memory advantage, which is very common among thri-kreen but not universal (since it represents especially vivid ancestral knowledge as opposed to skills).


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