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By BoneSea and jhubertjhubert.

This race was originally published in the Monster Manual 3.5.

83 points.

Attribute Modifiers: DX +1 [20]; IQ +1 [20].
Advantages: Damage Resistance 3 (vs. acid, cold, and electricity, -40%) [9], Dark Vision [25], Magery 0 [5].
Racial Spells: Darkness (H) IQ+0 [4].

Note: Due to their varied heritage, tieflings may take up to 10 points in minor physical changes such as Strikers in the forms of Tails or horns, or claws and sharp teeth; Reduced Comsumption with Cast Iron Stomach, and so forth. Likewise they can also take up to 10 points in physical disadvantages such as Unnatural Features, Unusual Biochemistry, and more. These should be considered racial disadvantages and do not count against the campaign disadvantage limit.


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