Wall of Fire
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By Collective Restraint


Creates a burning, crackling curtain of fire around an area. The wall is four yards high, but may be made higher by scaling the cost as the height (double for 8 yards high, triple for 12 yards high and so on). Every turn, anyone crossing or touching the wall suffers burning damage. It impedes vision and hearing through it: -1 to these Sense rolls.

College: Fire
Duration: 1 minute.
Base Cost: 2 to 6 to cast. Same cost to maintain. Each turn, the Wall inflicts 1d-1 burning damage for every two points of energy put into its base cost.
Prerequisites: Fireball.


(a) Staff, wand, or jewelry. Usable only by mages. Cost to create: 500 energy and a $500 ruby. (b) A Wall of Fire may be made permanent at an energy cost of 100 times normal.


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