Zone of Privacy
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By quarkstomperquarkstomper


This spell creates an area around the caster which is cloaked from the senses of others. From inside the zone, the outside world seems shrouded in a grey mist and outside noises are muffled. Outside observers will simply not notice anything is there at all. This allows the caster to have private conversations — or other activities — in places which would otherwise be in public view.

On a successful roll of PER -1 per point of energy spent, an observer might sense that there is something there, but he will not be able to discern what; (and he won't even get that PER roll unless he has a reason to look). This only affects sight and sound, so scent-based PER is unaffected.

Unlike the Hide spell, the caster may move freely within the zone without risking notice. But the zone is fixed, and he runs the risk of accidentally exiting the zone. In addition, people outside the zone might accidentally walk into it.

College: Light and Darkness
Duration: 30 minutes, or until dispelled.
Cost: 1-5 pts.
Time to cast: 5 seconds
Prerequisites: Hide


Jewelry (amulet or ring). Unlike the cast version, the zone is centered on the item and will move if the item moves. Energy cost to create: 1000


Although I've defined this spell in the College of Light and Darkness, it could easily be defined as a type of Gate spell, under the assumption that it creates a pocket dimension slightly out of synch with the rest of reality.

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