Silnavar, the league of forest cities, is a political entity composed of a number of Wood Elf cities, and a couple of smaller human villages nearby.


Silnavarian culture emphasizes a rather odd blend of individuality and interdependence. In some areas, their morals are shockingly loose, while in others they’re quite restrictive. They value personal freedom in a number of areas - individuals are free to pursue most any lifestyle they like, so long as it doesn't have significant potential to negatively impact others. For example, they have little to no problem with living beside or even interbreeding with other races, and have more members of other races living among them than any other race. They're also accepting of homosexuality, polyamory, and in general think diversity is a worthwhile good.

They're not entirely permissive, however - they have very restrictive ecological guidelines, and their culture is very skeptical of individuals that seek to gain too much power - including economic power. This attitude is very much at odds with most human merchants and nobles, who view the acquisition of wealth and power as a perfectly natural and respectable pursuit.


Silnavarian society is primarily organized in terms of ecological management. Settlements manage a surrounding area that together forms a cohesive ecology. They have numerous treaties over the management of woodlands, and also comprehensive mutual defence compacts and some minor trade deals. Beyond this, however, they have little in the way of centralized government.

Silnavar has a number of different gods. None of them are particularly major, and most wield only local influence, but they are gods none the less.