GURPS Setting: Serenae

The world of Serenae is a world of monsters and magic. Mythic titans wander across savage continents, while civilized races plot & scheme.


Recently, Serenae has undergone something of a renaissance. People of different races have begun to coexist peacefully, people have made significant improvements in technology and sorcery, and progress seems to be the order of the day. Things are looking up…

Exaltation & Metamorphosis:

Inhabitants of Serenae undergo two processes, depending on whether they're Humanoid or Monstrous. Humanoid inhabitants can become Exalted: They can gain truly unnatural ability at the things they dedicate themselves to. Monstrous inhabitants undergo metamorphosis - their bodies change, growing larger and more fearsome. Both of these processes require individuals to undergo a great deal of struggle and danger before benefiting.



High Elves
Wood Elves