Long Range Freighter
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By Diomedes

A standard small freighter.

Systems Table

Front Hull System
[1] Cargo Hold (150t)
[2] Cargo Hold (150t)
[3] Cargo Hold (150t)
[4] Cargo Hold (150t)
[5] Cargo Hold (150t)
[6] Control Room (4 stations, c8, C/S 9)
[c] Habitat (20; 2 cabins, 1 Bunkroom, 4 passsenger cabins, 65t steerage)


Center Hull System
[1!] Tertiary Weapons Battery (3x3MJ RF Improved Laser Turrets (sAcc 0, Range S, Rcl 1, dDam 3d(2), 135t cargo storage)
[2] Cargo Hold (150t)
[3] Cargo Hold (150t)
[4] Cargo Hold (150t)
[5] Cargo Hold (150t)
[6] Cargo Hold (150t)


Rear Hull System
[1] Cargo Hold (150t)
[2] Hydrogen Fuel Tank (150t)
[3] Hydrogen Fuel Tank (150t)
[4] Engine Room
[5] Standard Stardrive FTL-1
[6!] Reactionless Drive 0.5G
[c¡¡] Fusion Reactor (derated)

Artificial Gravity

Spacecraft Table

TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Range Cost
11^ Freighter 100 -1/5 13 0.5/0.15c 3000t 1851t +9 6+4ASV 0 x1 $60.7M


The same vessel, modified to serve as a pirate ship. The tertiary battery is modified as follows:
Secondary Weapons Battery (28cm Missile Turret (sAcc 3, Range L, Rcl 1, dDam 6dx7(2)), 15 Missiles; 3x14cm EM Gun Turrets (sAcc -7,Range S, Rcl 1, dDam 3dx7(2),3), 450 shells; 4x100MJ Improved Laser Turrets (sAcc 0, Range S/L, Rcl 1, dDam 2dx5(2); 30t Cargo Space)
Furthermore, the [1] cargo holds in the fore and aft sections are replaced with Metallic Laminate Armor, dDR 15.

Adventure Ideas