(Lucifer-5) Vought F3U Raider
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By Geomax

Designed by Chance Vought and first introduced in 1935, the Vought F3U Raider has become the premiere carrier based fighter-bomber of Lucifer-5 USA's Naval Space Corps. With a bulky astronium-petrinium torch drive providing 6Gs of thrust, it can outfly most comparable designs, and a mix of 4 20mm AN/M2 autocannon and a 40mm M1 cannon allow it to pack a serious punch against most spaceborne targets. An internal bomb bay can carry up to one ton of payload, sufficient for tactical astronium bombs.

The Vought F3U Raider uses an SM+4 streamlined hull.

Systems Table

Front Hull System
[1] - [4] Major Weapons Battery: 4 2cm VRF Fixed Conventional Guns (sAcc -13, Range C, Rcl 3, dDam 3d (2) cr)
[5] Major Weapons Battery: 4cm RF Fixed Conventional Gun (sAcc -13, Range C, Rcl 3, dDam 6d (2) cr)
[6] Cargo Hold (0.5 tons, SM-1 bay doors)
core Control Room (1 station, no computer, C/S -1)


Center Hull System
[1] Cargo Hold (0.5 tons, SM-1 bay doors)
[2] - [core] Power Plant - Fission Reactor (6 power points, 25 yrs Fuel)


Rear Hull System
[1] - [6] Hot Reactionless Drive (6G)

Spacecraft Table

TL Spacecraft dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Range Cost
6^ Vought F3U Raider 15 -1/3 13 6G/c 10 3 +4 1 0 - $680k

6,100 mph atmosphere flight speed