Razor-Wire across Hallway
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By Lord RasputinLord Rasputin

A long wire of slice-em strung athwart a hallway, this is thin enough to escape the sight of some. It's likely near the ground; if so, damage goes to the Legs. This is strung athwart a narrow (2 yard) hallway; one strung athwart a wider hallway can hurt more folks, but might be easier to see.

Detect: Per-based Traps at -3.
Disarm: DX-based Traps.
Circumvent: DX or Jumping lets someone leap over it.
Evade: Vision allows Dodge.
Effects: 1d cutting to up to two targets.
Shots: 1.
Rearm: Yes.
Steal: Yes; you now have razor-wire. You figure out how much it weighs; I recommend handling with gloves on.



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