Zombie Drop Trap
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By Henchman99942

Detect: yes
Disarm: no
Circumvent: yes
Evade: yes
Effects: zombie attack
Shots: 1
Rearm: yes
Steal: no

Notes: A Zombie (or more than one) is holding onto a handrail or rope suspended from the ceiling of a narrow passage following a door. It is 'programmed' to drop onto and attack anyone walking under them who is NOT engaging in a specific action. This action can be anything from whistling to wearing a red hat to ringing a small silver bell to saying a specific phrase before entering the passage. The hallway is dark and what light there is is directed downward making it difficult to see the zombies unless you are specifically looking for something overhead. If the zombie survives the encounter, it will climb go to the end of the hall and climb up a ladder and assume its position dangling from the ceiling.

Variations include zombies at the bottom of deep pools of water, zombie animals (such as rats) and zombies pretending to be (normal) dead all waiting for the triggering event.

This trap can remain active for many years, even if the original creator is long since dead. Additionally, a careless necromancer could have forgotten to utter the catch phrase and fallen victim to his own trap.